Geocaching in The Land of Legends

Geocaching – Treasure-hunting in the Land of Legends

With the help of a GPS Device you can go treasure hunting in the Land of Legends! The treasure you will find is of course an exciting story. You will also find a telephone number. Call it up and listen to the thrilling story of what happened right on the spot where you are right now.


Treasure hunting with GPS is called geocaching. You can find out more about geocaching at From there you can enter the coordinates of the hiding places for our treasures into your GPS Device.


Stickelien and Lidhult
This is the place where the badly injured King Pigge met his fate.
N 56°49.740, E 013°26.901


Prästastenen i Hästhult – The Priest’s Stone at Hästhult
The Priest’s Stone in Hästhult is a haunted place. Who is the unhappy ghost?
N 56°49.552, E 013°33.858


Skams stenar – The Devil´s Rocks
Skam is an old Swedish word för the devil. Here the devil once met a priest. Who was the stronger one of the two?
N 56°46.957  E 013°27.438


Three boys were watching the cattle in the forest. One of them died! How?
N 56°36.936, E 013°23.825


Try to move the big rock!
N 56°37.199, E 013°24.223


The Rune Stone at Trotteslöv
A magic rune stone!
N 56°54.361, E 013°59.277


Ättestupan i Sickinge
In this place the villagers of Sickinge pushed old people off the steep cliff. True or just fabrication?
N 56°51.500, E 013°58.949

Tutaryd church
When the church of Tutaryd was built the trolls arrived.
N 56°50.605, E 014°02.811


The Gnome in Södra Ljunga Manse
A maid at the parsonage of Södra Ljunga heard words she had never heard before.
N 56°44.396, E 013°58.061


Galgbacken i Hamneda – The Gallows Hill in Hamneda.
Once a troublemaker, named Arvid of Öshult, was taken to the gallows to be executed.
N 56°41.355, E 013°50.272


Trollskatten i Kopparhatt – Troll Treasure at Copper Hat
All treasures do not bring happiness.
N 57°04.927, E 014°28.779


Flickebacken – The Maiden Hill
The Black Death afflicted Sweden in the 14th century. At Flickebacken something terrible happened.
N 57°04.162, E 014°31.066


Den döde i Alekärret – The dead man in The Alder marsh
Love might have fatal consequences.
N 56°44.952, E 014°34.223


The most notorious loudmouth of Torsåsby once was here. Why? What happened?
N 56°41.062, E 014°33.265


The trolls of Scheibaberget
If you are nice to the trolls you might get a reward.
N 56°40.209 , E 014°34.651


This is a place of cruel and sudden death. Watch out!
N 56°38.802, E 014°18.528


A man named Staffan died here after he had a frightful vision on the bog.
N 56°35.210, E 014°01.426


Barnö – Childrens Island
Here two young people found a hiding-place for a new-born baby.
N 56°31.548, E 013.52.547’ / N 56°31’32.9’, E 013°52’32.8’’


Bortbytabacken – The Changeling Hill at Skåparyd
The trolls had abducted a human child. What could the mother do about it?
N 56°28.300’, E 013°54.159


Jätteraset vid Helgeå – The Giant stone heap by the river, Helgeå
Large rocks are stacked helter-skelter at Helgeå. How did they end up here?
N 56°26.522, E 013°52.579