25. The Hanaslöv Mountain


Inside the Hanaslöv mountain lives an awful troll woman. She has lured people into her mountain. People say that when smoke and fog lie around the mountain the troll woman Hanaslövskitta is doing her washing. She washes in Pocker's cauldron, a hole in a rock close to the mountain top.
The Cabinet is located at the parking lot.
To reach the Legendary Place, Pockers Kittel, you can hike up to the top via a marked trail on the right side of the mountain. 'Toppleden' - summer hiking, winter cross-country skiing, approximately 1.5 km.
Then walk about 50 m down on the left side to the sign for Pockers Kittel. NOTE: The final part is located near an ACTIVE slalom slope and an active bike trail, so WATCH OUT for fast skiers and cyclists.

Listen to the Legend

Find your way to the Legendary place

Hanaslövsberget The Cabinet: N 56°55.917 , E 014°35.753. And the Legendary Place is located up on the mountain; Pockers Kittel N 56°55.930 , E 014°36.028