Gränslösa veckan - Workshop - Introduktion till scenberättande


Tid: 09:00 - 12:00

Plats: Campus Ljungby

Entré: Pris 400 kr. Förboka. Begränsat antal platser.


Kloka råd och tips av den uppskattade storytellern och scenberättaren Dominic Kelly



Dominic kommer att koncentrera sig på berättarens sätt att hantera det fysiska rummet och publiken. Målet är att du ska känna dig bekväm på scen och hitta ett sätt att berätta på en större scen och samtidigt upprätthålla intimitet och kontakt med lyssnarna.


PLATS: Godsmagasinet Ljungby
PRIS: 400 kr. Begränsat antal platser
INFO: 0372-14855


Varmt välkommen!


Mer info om denna workshop, som delvis kommer hållas på engelska, eftersom Dominic är tvåspråkig

”This workshop introduces participants to storytelling on a stage. Dominic will concentrate on physicality in a performance space and on your relationship with the audience.

He will help you to feel comfortable in your own body on stage, and to enjoy using it to tell stories in theatres and other performance venues, regardless of whether you like throwing yourself around or sitting still.

He’ll guide you through techniques for maintaining intimacy and connection with a larger audience no matter the size of venue. You’ll leave the workshop more confident and relaxed about telling on a stage, with the tools for taking your first steps.

Participants are asked to bring a traditional story to work with (it is not necessary to have worked it beforehand, only to have a sound knowledge of what happens in the story).


Who is Dominic Kelly?
Dominic Kelly creates storytelling performances that draw you deep into the world of your own imagination. He adapts and blends traditional and real-life stories for modern audiences, bringing to vivid life their drama, their humour and what they have to say about our lives in the 21st Century. His warm, witty and powerful storytelling style has captivated audiences around the world.

UK venues include the Barbican, National Theatre, British Museum and The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival. He directs storytelling & music shows for Norway’s national stage for folk arts, is guest lecturer in storytelling at Sweden’s Royal College of Music, and an associate member of Fabula Storytelling company in Stockholm.